Looking for the Professional Career

There is nothing quite like that feeling you get when you have applied for a job which you are fully qualified for and gone through somewhere between 2-4 interviews for the position, only to find out that you were #2 or #3 and someone else had been selected for the position.  This feeling hurt the first time but was soothed rather quickly as I brought on my optimistic view on life and said to myself “It’s OK.  You were close.  Just pick yourself up and try again!”  Fair enough.  But on the second and third time this happened you start to ask yourself a few questions… What does this guy have that I don’t?!?  Did I not convey my experience well enough???  I wanted that job!!

looking for jobs makes me crazy

Of course we adapt to our situations and begin to apply to a few jobs every day while doing our best to keep ourselves in high spirits.  The wife is a very special companion during this time.  But one cannot help but think about the bills that are coming in.  As time goes on breakfast with bacon in the morning will have to turn to oatmeal…  Not steel cut oats, but rolled oats, without raisins,  cinnamon,  nuts, or brown sugar and cream.  These thoughts may be exaggerated but the reality is there is no money coming in.  There has to be a way out.

In the middle of all of this I am glad to have read and be reminded of Philippians 1:19-20 – “For I know that for me this will turn out to salvation through your petition and the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, according to my earnest expectation and hope that in nothing I will be put to shame, but with all boldness, as always, even now Christ will be magnified in my body, whether through life or through death”.

The apostle Paul was in prison.  I love this portion of the bible and many times while I have read it tears were brought to my eyes.  In the middle of this environment being wrongly imprisoned Paul was not put to shame in the matter of magnifying Christ.  But rather, with all boldness, as always, even in this situation Christ was magnified (made large) to those around him.  The jailers may have just known about the man Christ without seeing all the riches of Christ.  Therefore to them Christ was so very small.  Through Paul’s living of Christ in a “death” situation Christ was magnified to all those around him.  The small Christ became a rich and large Christ to those around.

Lord, keep me with you in this time of searching for a career.  Keep me abiding in Your presence and enjoying sweet prayer and fellowship with You.  Lord, You are my Financial Support, You are my Rock., You are my Hiding Place.  Grant me the boldness while here in my job search prison to magnify You in all things.


Personality Test

Well, I was inspired to take a Jung personality test which is based off of the Briggs Myers personality test.  This particular test was recommended for more accurate results.  So for all of those who were wondering about me…

Jung Test Results

Extroverted (E) 69.7% Introverted (I) 30.3%
Sensing (S) 56.76% Intuitive (N) 43.24%
Thinking (T) 56.41% Feeling (F) 43.59%
Judging (J) 57.89% Perceiving (P) 42.11%

Your type is: ESTJ

ESTJ – “Administrator”. Much in touch with the external environment. Very responsible. Pillar of strength. 8.7% of total population.

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How I Started Serving at the University of Texas at Arlington

So for those of you who do not know, I have already graduated from UTA with an undergraduate degree of Management Information Systems in business.  After receiving my degree, one would think I would start to work for someone and start down my career path.  And, that is exactly what I did.  Well, almost…

I would like to start by  recommending Hymn number 904 by Albert Benjamin Simpson to all of my readers (http://www.hymnal.net/hymn.php/h/904).

The reason I bring this hymn up is because it has everything to do with what I am about to say.  One brother that cared for me as I was just beginning to grow in my Christian life loved this hymn and would always make reference to it.  I remember sitting in his office at his home many evenings just asking questions about this and about that, whatever questions I would have.  One of these times he told me about how he was working at a large company at a high level when he felt like he was called by the Lord to give all of his time to serve Him.  So naturally I had a number of questions for him about why he would leave a high position in a company for something like this.  To answer my questions he took me to this hymn I have recommended.  I would say that it is one thing to read this hymn, or even to sing it,  but it is something more to pray these lines back to the Lord as your prayer, such as taking the first line – “We have a most glorious King” and praying “Lord, you are our most glorious King”.  Take the time to pray the entire hymn.  Since this brother gave up his job he has been giving all of his days to spend time with college students on many different campuses and help them grow in their Christian life.

So after I graduated from college I went on to two more years at the Full Time Training in Anaheim.  The striking thing about the FTTA to me that differs the most from a traditional Bible School or something equivalent is that those that attend have no intention on becoming a preacher or some kind of not normal “Super Christian”.  Rather the FTTA cultivates and equips a believer with words and patterns to live a normal, healthy Christian life.  Many who graduate from the FTTA go on to work for large corporations or continue in further schooling.   I think the point I am trying to make here is that just by living the reality of a normal healthy Christian life, no matter what it is that we do we are serving our Lord.  Whether we get a job with Apple or give all of our time to the Lord and serve Him in a Full-Time way, we all as we endeavor to be normal overcomers, work for our glorious King.

In particular the verses that speak to me from hymn 904 are verses 3 and 4:

I dwell with the King for His work,
I’ve part in His glorious plan
To bring in His kingdom to earth
And tell His salvation to man.
The world has its work and rewards,
I count them but folly and loss;
My business is only His work,
My message is only His cross.

I dwell with the King for His work,
The work, it is His and not mine;
He plans and prepares it for me
And fills me with power divine.
So duty is changed to delight,
And prayer into praise as I sing;
I dwell with my King for His work
And work in the strength of my King.

When I was graduating from the FTTA one of my biggest questions was what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  I knew I had wanted to go to the FTTA and had gained so much there but as I considered this question, what kept weighing on me  was this verse:

Luke 12:48b “…But to every one to whom much has been given, much will be required from him; and to whom much has been committed, they will ask of him all the more”.

I kept going back and forth, back and forth.  It was not much of a struggle inwardly but rather just trying to find what the Lord really wanted for me.  I wanted the Lord’s will to govern the rest of my life so that He could have a way to use me.  In these months of prayer there were times I really felt to serve the Lord with all of my time and then there were times when I felt that the Lord really wanted me to work.  Eventually after some time I became clear.  There was much peace.  It was the Fall of  2008 when I began to work for my King in a Full-Time way.

I began to work with the Christians on Campus Club at UTA.

Thank you for reading my life’s story

Joseph Jenkinson

Engaged, Married, Honeymoon, and the Beginning

What a great time we have had in these last few months! Just the other day I was telling Joanna my wife about how she is like a dream come true. Sometimes you just are day dreaming and just think to yourself – “If only this would happen…” or “If I could just have this, things would be so much better”. Well, its true 😉 As a good friend of mine once put it – “Being single is fun, its true. But being married is so much better than being single”. Acknowledging “The Lord’s will, the Lord’s way, and the Lord’s timing”.

So it’s been a long time…

For our honeymoon we went to the island of Kauai in Hawaii and enjoyed seven days of just what we needed. If only you could put “Kauai for seven days” in the form of a pill…

Yeah that’s right… We were there. On the arrival flight we met a couple that goes to Kauai once every six months and has been going for the last twenty years in a row! So as for what it is like there – Verdant, luscious, a deep tone of azure like that of true blue, and sand… take me back! Incredible experience. Our only regret was that we only allotted for one week when really we felt like two weeks would have been the best to take in the full experience of the island.

And then we come home. Hey, I have to say that coming home proved to be just as exciting as our honeymoon but in a different kind of way. This is it! Finally a home of your very own. The excitement of what you are going to do first (open presents of course!). It is time for all of the “firsts” together to begin. Our first time cooking together – “HA!”, our first time sipping down Joanna’s first homemade vanilla latte with a loaf of homemade lemon bread, and among all the first time things – our first time learning to make all of our decisions together.

It is really something to have so many decisions to make and have to communicate so much with someone else because the decisions just can’t be made on your own anymore. What a sweet experience and opportunity to just have a little turn within to the Lord. It’s not a bad thing. No, not at all. It is just interesting when you have two different people come together. Both Joanna and I receive so much help from one another. Neither of us hold on to what it is that we bring to the “table of fellowship”. This is great, and the way it should be.

Oh! Before I forget to mention it – how good, how pleasant it is for us to pray together. Here we are at the beginning, a family of just two. Laying the foundation of the rest of our lives – and we are learning to pray together. Life has mountains and valleys, always fluctuating between ups and downs. But we have our Christ who remains the same day by day. He is our Rock. Praise Him for giving us a good beginning.

Thank you for reading my life’s story

Joseph Jenkinson

I Just Got Engaged!!

Engagement Photo

The two happiest people on earth!

Well, how exciting is it to be able to start a blog of my life with the topic of getting engaged!  My name is Joseph Jenkinson and her name is Joanna Rutledge.  I have known this woman for over three and a half years now.  I have been interested in her for quite some time.  She is more than I ever asked for, or I should probably say more than I ever prayed for.  The story from the spiritual side is actually quite good and refreshing to hear in this age where loose dating seems to be a popular excuse to spend time with someone without seriously considering marrying that person.  I will entertain my readers with the short story —

When she first caught my eye it was at a Christian conference with the Christian club “Christians on Campus“.  I had seen her attending these conferences for three years before, but she never stood out to me like she did this time.  There was just something about her.  If you have been through this experience you know what I am talking about ;).

Before I would continue I want to point out three points of fellowship from another brother in the Lord that has helped me tremendously to put my trust in the Lord for Him to work in my life.  First the Lord’s way… then the Lord’s timing… and equally as important, the Lord’s choice.  As one of my favorite songs goes – “Those who trust Him wholly, find Him wholly true”.

I felt from the Lord to wait for Him in these three area’s of my life.  I never wanted to date Joanna.  I was interested in her because I wanted to marry her.  So because of this I never even gave her a hint that I had some developing interest for her.  Shortly after Joanna stood out to me we both separately made the decision to go to the Full-Time Training in Anaheim.  This is a great bible school like place to learn how to live the normal life of a Christian.  They do not train one to be a pastor or to fulfill any religious position but rather just how to live the normal life of a Christian.  Ohhh how hard it was many times to trust in the Lord for Him to operate and work in my life.  So many prayers… Was she His choice?  I had to hand it over to my Lord.  When was His timing?  Ohhh how hard it was many times to wait… What was His way?  When the time did come how was I going to approach her and ask to court her?

To make the long story short Joanna and I both graduate after two years at the Full-Time Training and I want to ask her if by any small window of chance she would have an interest in the possibility of me courting her for marriage.  Through an older brother in the Lord I asked her this question and got a response of her not being interested.  What now?  I prayed much more and sought fellowship from just a few other brothers and sisters.  I always never wanted to tell too many people to keep any gossip out of the picture.  During this time the Lord was able to prepare me for marriage in my opening to Him.  Also I later found out that the Lord was preparing Joanna for marriage in her life.

Finally, I decided to write Joanna a letter from my heart.  After sending this to her she opened to me and we began our courtship.  Every day since then has been in another realm.  Joanna is more than I ever prayed for.  I love her with all of my heart.  I asked her to marry me, and she said yes!  The peace in following the Lord’s way, the Lord’s timing and waiting for the Lord’s choice to become clear has become a blessing to the both of us.

Thank you for reading my life’s story

Joseph Jenkinson